As naturals as innovators

We have developed the first olive oil which is shaked before use it, as it is presented without filtering, keeping 100% the pure arbequine olive juice.

  What is Arbekia Shake&Taste®?

It is a new concept into the olive oil sector, not only for its distinguished presentation, but also for the respect to the oil pureness.

Arbekia Shake&Taste® is the result of a meticulous selection of high quality olive trees who have been looked after carefully in the artisanal way.

It´s about pure arbequine olive oil on the maximum pureness expression, presented like a non-filtered oil, this is, with smooth olive particles inside, who keep a strengthen all its natural, antioxidant and organoleptic properties.

  • The team:

We are a family company in love with the Olive Oil, and we have a wide experience and tradition on olive oil. This is why we aim to get one of the best olive oil.

We describe ourselves as an innovator team, with a clear goal:

“To tender the lovers of olive oil the opportunity of tasting the pure and natural olive juice, in the same way our predecessors did”

Product of Spain.