Elaboracion de Arbekia

Arbekia Shake&Taste® is exclusively produced with olives 100% Arbequines.

The Arbequine is one of the best considered olive varieties due to its organoleptic properties. These olives give some oil with fruity smell, fresh, smooth but intense, sometimes with exotic aromas.

In the intention of guarantying the maximum quality, we feed and take care of our olive trees in an artisanal way along all the year and we have on our disposal the most advanced technology for its collection, what allows us to start the elaboration of the Arbekia Oil in less than six hours since collection.

This is the way we obtain an extra virgin olive oil, whom acidity is lower than 0,2º , keeping all the smelling and tasting properties from the arbequine with no feature of fermentation nor sourness.

The oil extraction process is made in cold temperatures (under 26º) in order to keep the fruit properties, even though we obtain less quantity. But only this way we can warranty that all the olive orgnaleptic properties are kept, as well as its density and pureness.

Since it´s a fresh and young oil, it gathers a high content in linoleic acid, vitamins and antitioxidants.

We offer to the market uniquely what we produce, because the most important for us is the pureness and the quatity of a good olive oil.